In both the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare and the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, certain characters are presented as victims of circumstance. A range of literary techniques are employed by the authors to portray the monster of Frankenstein and Caliban of The Tempest as unfortunate victims of circumstance, allowing readers and the audience […]

The Flag.   By John Agard.   Written in a structured and concise manner allowing for the use of repetition and rhetorical to embrace the ideology of the ‘Flag’. The poet rhetorically questions at the beginning of each stanza about the ‘movements of a flag’. This is then again for each stanza followed by the […]

Text Response Piece Bare Vexed. Dear Ms Kerr, I write to you as I share your passion for good English which is being ridiculed by our peers. That has unfortunately led to us being stereotyped as a generation. I like you, am driven to show to others that good English is not a mystery or difficult. […]

A knock at the door. Time stood still as they took a moment to understand what just happened. This ‘knock’ was a sign of change, a change which wasn’t welcome. A knock meant so much more here on the island than anywhere else, the majestic peace had been disrupted. Harry felt as if he was […]

For the first time in human history, the obese outnumber the malnourished. Worldwide there are 925 million victims of malnourishment. However, an even greater number are obese, at an estimated 1.5 billion people globally. How grotesque is it that people are starving to death but others not far away are dying from being too fat? At first glance […]

Young and Gifted   I’m here today to really share my view on wealth inequality on a global scale which has led to obesity and malnutrition. Worldwide, 925 million people are sufferers of malnutrition. However there are even more of those who are obese, at 1.5 billion people globally. For the first time in human […]

Jawaad Qamar: Creative Writing A married couple called Harry and Lily lived on Zeus, an island at the foot of the volcano Ciprus. Both had jobs on mainland Hawaii, they commuted differently from most, by boat. They believed they were the only ones who knew about their beautiful home, but they were wrong. One day […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway